Our vision

Our vision is to be an instigator of innovative and promising projects for all the rights owners it represents and to establish lasting partnerships and ideal conditions for the use of their repertoire.

Our mission

Soproq’s mission is to maximize royalties related to the collective administration of the rights of makers of sound recordings and music videos. Soproq is committed to optimizing the value of the rights it represents and in the best interests of its members.

In this regard, it acts in consultation with the industry and other similar or complementary organizations to stimulate new business opportunities that will ensure increased availability, easier access and wider use of sound recordings in its repertoire.


Adopting best practices, being a model of efficiency and adaptability to our industry


Stimulating the emergence of distinctive expertise and encouraging a more competitive positioning


Being more focused towards the needs of members and more representative of the industry


Being a proactive influencer at the heart of the issues of the industry

Our values

At the source of the principles that influence the strategic orientations, decision-making and actions taken by the organization, the Board of Directors and the entire Soproq team are committed to respecting the values of the organization:


With regard to its collective mission, transparency must be reflected in all actions and communications of the organization, to all stakeholders. As such, relevant information for members must be made even more accessible so that rights are better understood, as well as the role of Soproq.


The entire team of the organization is called upon to be even more proactive in finding original solutions to problematic situations, but also in terms of adaptability to the environment and its evolution.


The efficiency and accuracy in the handling of the affairs of the organization are paramount, given the role of Soproq. Rigor also requires the openness and flexibility sometimes necessary to make the best decision, in the interest of all members.


Equity implies a fair treatment of any request, demand or person, without one member or group of members being favored more than another. Equity necessarily has its roots in integrity, a quality that must be reflected in the integrity of the organization's decisions and in the behavior of each individual.


Affirm its identity by developing new models or ways of doing things for the benefit of all its members. At times a little unknown and discreet, Soproq aims to be more recognized and representative of all its members, employees and the industry, through greater availability and accessibility.


Soproq's Board of Directors is made up of 7 members representing the local independent music industry. It is responsible and accountable to the members for the sound financial administration and proper management of the organization.

It meets at least four times a year to establish strategic directions, policies and annual budget. Directors and the management team must act with prudence, diligence, and integrity in the best interests of the members. They cannot place themselves in a situation of conflict between their personal interest and the duties related to their function

Board of Directors



Three standing committees support the work of the Board of Directors. The committees are composed of Soproq directors appointed by the board according to their specific expertise related to each mandate.

Strategy and Governance Committee

This committee is composed of the Board of Directors’ president, at least 2 directors and the management team. Its role is to establish Soproq's strategic priorities, define objectives, and develop and periodically review the governance structure and framework to ensure that the organization's practices remain in line with best practices.

Rights and Tariffs Committee

This committee is composed of 3 directors, the assistant executive director, and the licensing coordinator. The president can attend the meetings of the committee. The mandate is to make recommendations, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, on matters that affect license fee rates for different types of music services and those related to the administration of different types of rights.

Finance Committee

This committee is composed of 2 directors and, at the very least, one of the following persons: the executive director, the assistant executive director or the chief accountant. The president can also attend the meetings of the committee. The mandate of the committee is to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the financial administration and investments of the organization.

The Soproq Team

Executive Director
Assistant Executive Director
Chief Accountant
Distribution Coordinator
Licensing Coordinator
Director of Operations
Repertoire and Music Data Specialist
Communications and Special Projects Coordinator
Advisor - Member services
Member Services
Member Services


In 1991

Founded by ADISQ in 1991, Soproq – Collective Society for the Rights of Makers of Sound Recordings and Music Videos is a not-for-profit organization whose existence derives from rights granted to makers.

When it was created

Soproq administered exclusively the rights from the use of music videos and the reproduction of sound recordings in its repertoire

In 1997

The revision of the Copyright Law by the Government of Canada in 1997 established a new regime of "equitable remuneration" which gives makers the right to receive royalties for the broadcast of their sound recordings, including on the radio.

Revision of the Copyright Law

This revision also introduced the "private copying" regime in response to the exception created in the Act allowing anyone to reproduce sound recordings, works, and performances for private use. In return, the regime requires manufacturers and importers of blank audio recording media to pay royalties.

In 2001

These significant changes have greatly contributed to the changing role of Soproq, which was the first collective organization in North America to distribute royalties from the equitable remuneration regime (Sept. 5, 2001).

In 1992

Since 1992, Soproq has a special agreement with BAnQ for the legal deposit of all physical albums on behalf of its members. Soproq also assigns registrant codes (ISRC).

In 2013

More recently, in 2013, Soproq invested in the development of a new, more efficient distribution system (OCTAVE) that has enabled the automation of several processes and facilitates the processing of large volumes of data.